Advisory Management Services

LMC Capital advisory management service is suited to clients who wish to take an active interest in their investments but feel they would benefit from supplementary guidance and assistance with construction, deployment and the ongoing monitoring of an investment portfolio. Advisory clients have the same degree of access to the same investment and portfolio managers as do clients of the Bespoke Discretionary Management service but, while our professionals still identify opportunities and assets they feel would be suited to a client’s portfolio, they must obtain authorization before they can go ahead and execute an investment decision.

They are on hand to provide a “second opinion” in instances where clients may not be sure about opportunities or assets they have identified through their own efforts

  • Investment opportunities will be identified by a fully qualified investment manager.
  • Such opportunities will always factor in your appetite for risk and your objectives
  • Clients can add stipulations that investments are not to be made in any industries they consider unethical; armaments, munitions, tobacco etc.
  • Investment professionals are on hand to discuss any investment ideas clients may have


  • Represent ownership in a company
  • May pay dividends, a portion of a company’s profits
  • Potentially gain value through capital appreciation
  • Offer greatest long-term return potential


  • IOUs from a government or corporation
  • Provide regular, fixed interest payments
  • Repay your invested principal at maturity
  • Vary in credit risk depending on credit quality of issuer


  • Certificates of deposit
  • U.S. Treasury bills
  • Money market accounts
  • Lowest risk – and return – of all asset classes
  • May not keep pace with inflation
  • Are not guaranteed; may lose value
  • May offer guaranteed payments


  • Futures Do Not Equal Spot
  • Commodities and Dividends Can Align
  • Watch Your Tax Rates
  • China Can Make or Break You
  • Low Inventories Can Lead to Backwardation
  • Diversification is Not a Given
  • Rolling Front-Month Futures is a Recipe for Disaster
  • More Than Just Energy and Gold

Asset Allocation

LMC Capital bespoke discretionary investment management services have proven particularly attractive to those people who prefer to be kept up-to-date with their investments, but typically do not possess the knowledge or skill to manage their portfolio effectively. Typically, this is owing to a lack of time or, perhaps, a preference for other activities like traveling or retirement.

This most comprehensive of services can be tailored to match your exacting requirements, goals and time horizons. For example, a portfolio can be built with regular redemptions in mind to, for instance, pay for children’s tuition fees or to provide additional income to supplement an annuity. It can be constructed with an increased risk profile in order to achieve enhanced levels of capital appreciation for when it may be required at some point in the future.

Investments will be managed by a qualified investment manager that the client authorizes to make investment decisions on his or her behalf.

  • The portfolio is managed in keeping with the client’s objectives and risk profile.
  • Clients can add stipulations that investments are not to be made in any industries they consider unethical; armaments, munitions, tobacco etc.
  • There is minimal lag between making the investment decision and executing it as can occur with the advisory service.
  • Clients have unfettered and unrestricted access to investment and portfolio managers who are able to discuss any issues or inquiries.
  • Documentation pertaining to equities or other assets held within a client’s portfolio are held in a nominee account minimizing the risk of loss